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The universe is an organization of many dynamic patterns. They are the essence of everything.

A pattern is wonderfully constant and stable, but it is dead.
Life is dynamic; if it is to persist, it must continually change.

Nature has devised a marvelous method that allows life and stability to work together,
creating a foundation upon which the universe may expand.

Dynamic Patterns is nature’s method. It is everything your senses allow you to experience. Observe a tree breezing on a spring afternoon. Its branches are wildly extending to the sun while gasping for your waste. Dynamic patterns organized into that tree as a unique way to give life to both its cells and you. It is a gorgeous thing.

Human discovery and expression in art and science are products of another organization of dynamic patterns: your brain. A person’s creation is not static, but interacts with other creations and other brains; molding, changing, evolving. Literature, art, and science of all kinds wildly branch out into the mediums of the universe capturing your imagination.

Art and our understanding of science constantly evolve and require mediums that will change with them. It is this need that drives the creative services of the Dynamic Patterns Creativity Group.

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dynamic patterns theatre
More than mere words on a page, theatre has the power transform, create joy, and otherwise connect us to our world.

Michelle Dearing, co-founder, Dynamic Patterns TheatreMatthew T. Dearing, co-founder, Dynamic Patterns TheatreThe Dynamic Patterns Theatre company was created by Michelle Dearing and Matthew T. Dearing to expand on our previous expertise with offering creative services and bring them to the stage. We believe that live creative performances are a vital element to the local culture, and these experiences bring to people a better appreciation for life and the universe in which we thrive. With our Dynamic Patterns Theatre, we strive to bring a fresh, new theatrical effort to Central Illinois with an ongoing season of classic, fun, interesting, and educational productions.

We also believe that it is critical for community growth that we all draw on our abilities to give back to the community. As such, Dynamic Patterns Theatre will use proceeds from our performances to directly help our community.

We want to work directly with the talented individuals and organizations who are thriving in Central Illinois, and bring all these amazing people together to perform entertaining, educational, inspirational, and lovable shows. Through a synergy of people and organizations, we will provide special and important cultural experiences to the members of our regional community.
Enjoy our dynamic patterns.

Michelle Dearing and Matthew T. Dearing
Co-founders, Dynamic Patterns Theatre

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